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David J Grenier Fine Art Photography

Elanora, Queensland, Australia

Hello World!

I am happy to be online, finally, and to be given an opportunity to share my passion for landscape photography with as many people as possible!

I am writing this first entry to my blog from Elanora, Queensland, Australia. Elanora is a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland. It is located  ninety minutes south of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. I try to make this trip to visit family and friends in Australia annually and I just arrived here  today. I was feeling tired and worn out (20 plus hours of travel door to door) until I decided to go for a long walk, which then inspired me to a sunset photo shoot.

Driving down to the beach was an interesting experience. It has been many years since I drove a vehicle on the left hand side of the road. All the controls are different to what I am used to in America. The turn signal control in on the right hand side instead of the left and the windsheild wiper control is on the left. So too many times I have the windshield wipers on when I am getting ready to make a turn! Present time is your friend driving on the wrong side of the road and all's well that ends well!

Here is an image that I captured at Currumbin tonight, a place just 5 miles away from where I am staying, which was a favorite surfing spot of mine when I lived in Australia in the late sixties! There are silver haired people that I see here who l am sure have never left in all that time and are still surfing Currumbin 40 plus years later - way to go guys!

Thanks for visiting my website! I plan to keep this blog current with sample images of photo shoots and experiences as an artist trying to capture the wonders of Mother Nature in this world and the beautiful places that I am fortunate to visit!